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November 2013

Game-based training seems to be all the rage nowadays. So what is a quick and easy way to create a game?

A tried and true strategy some of us used is a board game. But it it is not quick and easy. Was the training effective? Yes. Did it help break down silos? You bet. But quick and easy it was not.

I discovered Wheeldo: It’s limited similar to Branch Track in that you don’t have a lot of choices, but allows for a more interactive game format. Instead of the ID creating all the questions, it allows participants to create content as well. This looks like fun. If it survives and expands.

As games come more to the fore, I expect to see more of these sites coming on line with more products.

For those still looking for help with the career transition, I still recommend Emprove Group’s webinars: They have one coming up for next week and if you have not yet attended one, they are free. They do link to services that cost money, but that doesn’t mean their free webinar isn’t packed full of helpful info. Stop in and enjoy seeing what happens when an Instructional Designer/CLO goes into career counseling full time.


Branch Track Course Builder


I just discovered this cool new toy, thanks to Cathy Moore’s blog. I was able to build this cute little interaction in just a few minutes, easy as pie.

Check them out and see what you think. It’s a brand new start up and looks simple to use.

I also saw this fascinating article in FastCompany magazine on what makes visuals “sticky” in our memory:

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