If there is a theme to today’s post, it would be “out of my mind.” While you all might agree that I have a few screws loose, here are a few distractions from this morning that fell out of my head so to speak:

I was visiting Ologie’s web site today. They are a Columbus area design firm and they had some very good advice for writers. While this may be particular to them, I wish more companies had the puckishness to list something like this as the basis for their style guide.

And when it comes to the value of design, it’s no mistake that eBay is starting to look a lot like Pinterest. In a visual medium, you gotta catch the eye.

And for those in the job search, if you’re looking for an infographic on what skills employers are looking for, this is the place to go.

So if the internet is graphics heavy, why none here? I’m a writer, not a graphic artist. Although if any of you readers want to volunteer and send me some pictures to use, I’m more than happy to oblige.