FastCo published an article on The Future of Education Eliminates the ClassroomThe author avers:

“Socialstructed learning is an aggregation of microlearning experiences drawn from a rich ecology of content and driven not by grades but by social and intrinsic rewards. The microlearning moment may last a few minutes, hours, or days (if you are absorbed in reading something, tinkering with something, or listening to something from which you just can’t walk away).”

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But what does it look like? Mostly people standing or sitting around talking and if someone has a question, someone else whips out their smartphone, clicks an app or browser link to ascertain the facts and then reports back to the group. A family using the Internet Movie Database to settle a dinner-time argument qualifies as a “microlearning moment.”

Even better, a bar bet settled with the Guiness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe It Or Not qualifies as well.

Somehow I don’t see the ability to settle bar bets or end family quarrels as presaging the end of the classroom. We’ve had “microlearning” for centuries. And we’ve had classrooms for about the same amount of time. I look for neither to vanish any time soon.